Below are a list of projects that I have developed over the years.  The majority of these projects were developed as open source and are freely available.
Advanced Search WidgetPHP, MySQLWordPress PluginAllows you to add a widget to search custom post types along with other options.  More information is available at: Advanced Search Widget.
Post ExpiratorPHP, MySQLWordPress PluginAllows users to add an expiration date to posts which you can configure to either delete the post, change it to a draft, or update the post categories. More information is available at: WordPress Post Expirator Plugin.
WPMU Ldap AuthenticationPHP, MySQLWordPress PluginA plugin to override the core WordPress authentication method in order to use a LDAP server for authentication.  More information is available at: WPMU Ldap Authentication.
Multisite Administration ToolsPHP, MySQLWordPress PluginAdds information to the network admin sites, plugins and themes page. Allows you to easily see what theme and plugins are enabled on a site. More information is available at: Multisite Administration Tools.
HTAccess Authentication ManagerPHP, MySQLStandalone ApplicationA simple set of php scripts developed to manage .htpasswd files for Apache directory authentication. The application is capable of handling large amounts of data. For more information, see the project website: HTAccess Authentication Manager.
MOPA - Modevia Control PanelPHP, MySQLStandalone ApplicationMOPA is a unique custom developed control panel that was utilized by Modevia Web Services. The goal of MOPA is to offer a easy and clutter free control panel for users.
GetURL@UWWPHP, MySQLStandalone ApplicationA short url genrator based on the opensource lilUrl project. The system was modified to allow for bulk additions, require user authentication to create links and also to allow for further link tracking. It is available at GetURL@UWW.
MediaSuitcasePHP, MySQLStandalone ApplicationA tool to create a flash based multimedia package utilizing a flash front end designed by Chris Henige. The web application allows for an easy GUI method for users to upload flv video or mp3 audio files to create these rich multimedia modules.
Podcast@UWWPHP, MySQLStandalone ApplicationA web based solution for users to easily create and publish audio and video podcasts. The system supported LDAP user authentication, and public and private podcast listings.
SermonDBPHP, MySQLStandalone ApplicationSimple PHP application designed to allow for easy uploading of Newsletters and Sermons designed for use by Churches. For more information, see the project website: SermonDB.
AutoPostgreSQL BackupBash, PostgreSQLStandalone ApplicationPostgresql backup script based on the AutoMySQLBackup script. It can be schedule on a daily basis, and will rotate out old backup files. For more information, see the project website: AutoPostgreSQLBackup.
phpMyValidatorPHPLibraryA PHP class designed for validation for form elements. It contains certain functions to validate email address, phone numbers, null values and many more items. For more information, see the project website: phpMyValidator.
iTunes U PHP AuthenticationPHPLibraryImplementation of Apples perl based iTunes U Authentication script. The PHP class uses CURL and HASH extensions to provide the iTunes U authentication piece. For more information, see the project website: iTunes U PHP Authentication Class.